Official agents and distributors of industrial laundry equipment imports - is one of the enterprises specializing in importing, distributing directly laundry facilities, industrial capacity, imported directly from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, EU... A company work in supply, installation, repair and maintenance of cleaning equipment - is - clear - large industrial drying and most prestigious in Vietnam. After nearly 10 years of experience, the company has not stopped its position in the market brand and trust with our customers. Currently the company's products are widely distributed throughout the country in factories, hospitals, hotels, factories, laundry, distribution agents in provinces across the country.


We specialize in installing, repairing, cleaning  - Dryer - Iron equipment suppliers industry, cleaning equipment for restaurants, hotels, resorts, medicinal plants, plant production establishments catering industry, hospitals, schools, ... and is a leading supplier in the North, specialize in suppying  industrial cleaning- drying equipment, industrial washer drying machine, industrial dry cleaning machine .

The device in the system, laundry, industrial washing machine TheOne distribution: dryers, the station, the machine is pressed industrial, industrial dry cleaning machine, blowing machine phom clothing label presses, steam irons, table bleaching, packaging machines, mobile hangers, accessories and industrial laundry equipment. In addition, we offer all kinds of clean room laundry, sterilize hospital equipment such as autoclave sterilizer high temperature autoclave sterilization low temperature disinfection washers, ultrasonic washers. - Washing machines, dryers, extractors, steamers, irons, irons, computer station serves as hospitals, hotels, factories and laundries.

Our Services: 

- Retail and industrial laundry equipment including washing, wringing, drying, is, industrial boilers 
- Supply of spare parts and components for laundry facilities, bridges are, presses, machine milking, dry cleaners, boilers ... 
- Design line laundry for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laundries 
- Service design, installation, maintenance, maintenance, repair, systems and industrial laundry equipment

TheOne Vietnam is the sole agent in Vietnam specializing in importing and supplying cleaning system, drying, is the well-known brands such as HWASUNG CLEANTECH KOREA Korea. We can assure you you will always get quality products system with the help of a team of professional technicians and a team of professional consultants serving clients. Helping clients to create a line of industrial laundry becomes easy. We are a trusted brand in the field of manufacturing and supplying industrial products.

Customers demand products please contact us directly to get the best advice for cleaning the system's customers.

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