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Reputed washing equipment company in Viet Nam, The One Viet Nam very well known and famous for good quality, good price and long time of warranty. Many of the big projects supply for industrial washing and cleaning system as evidenced our reputation. This isa contract between The One JSC to Quy hop , Nghe An hospital supply for washer ,extractor and dryer systems.

Quy Hop Affiliated hospital, belong to Department of Health Nghe An province are located in Quy Hop town, Quy Hop district, Nghe An province. Here, every day hundreds of patients  are receiving in and outside the district to examination and treatment.

Some pictures of installation the laundry facilities at hospitals Quy Hop by TheOne Distributor.

Washing machine for hospital

Laundry procedure at Quy Hop Hospital

 First, the dirty linen in the Hospital will be the laundry room at the hospital staff preliminarily classified according to types and put the bag has its own color to easily distinguish, then, put into practice areas medium as prescribed. Next, dirty trolley will come from acquisitions or dirty the laundry room washing and sorting area again. As for the special dirty (with blood, or for patients with infectious diseases), the classification will be done by machines and then put into special boxes to disinfect. The kind of dirty after initially processed by each appropriate measures be taken to the washer system. From here, the machine operates according to a program has been established previously.


Washing machine system for hospital

Chain of laundry equipment in hospitals Korea Quy Hop is a new technology of Korea. Chain of industrial laundry washer suspension damping cage technology, vibration damping, shock reduction, washer extractor with speed, with specialized programming mode is used for cleaning high-tech industry's most advanced current . During the washing process, the water will have temperatures between 35 ° C and then increased gradually to 95 ° C and then slowly decreased to 35 ° C as the original. The chemical washing and disinfecting cleaning process provides also be calculated as the following concentrations decreasing. After washing steps, bleaching, sterilizing the air stages, arranged....

Korea washing and cleaning system distribute by The One JSC

With doctors, technicians often work in the operating room, their dresses can also be treated separately for each person. As representatives of the hospital, the hospital's laundry system Quy Hop has planned infrastructure available to implement technical systems handle 4 to 5 tons of sterile linen / day. With capacity allows, this line cleaning can be done for the common laundry fabric Hospital in Quy Hop and separate laundry with linen sterile operating room, if required.

Washer, extractor and dryer system at Quy Hop Hospital affiliated in Nghe An province.


Check the operation system of industrial washing machine hospital Quy Hop

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